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About Us

In September of 2020, we decided to create a coaching space for companies, leadership teams and individuals to attain greater performance levels through coaching; and so we created The Leader Hub.

We provide results-focused coaching for employers, leadership teams and individuals.

Our passion is help you to develop a high-performing culture that is collaborative, aligns with your brand and core values, identifying smarter working initiatives to help your people reach their full potential. Through individual and team development we help you create a great place to work.

Leaning in on the individual and collective strengths of our experienced coaches, we provide bespoke coaching that adds real value and supports your future success.


Developing a Coaching Culture


Developing a coaching culture is intrinsic to organisational success and offers a high-performance return on your coaching investment. Studies show that performance and leadership development increase individual and team confidence, business performance and, according to the CIPD, is considered an essential business strategy.

The infographic above shows seven ways you can develop a coaching culture within your organisation.


Our Key Values




At TLH, we love and are proud of the work we do; and our clients trust us to deliver the changes that enable increase business resilience. There are many benefits of professional coaching, whether it's creating a coaching culture for your business, supporting your teams, or developing your own career.

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