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14-11-2019 - Lauren Moseley - 0 comments

Balancing a career with parental responsibilities is a difficult juggling act that many people struggle with. Campaigns such as Pregnant then Screwed and Flex Appeal are leading the way in calling for better rights and more flexible working opportunities for working parents and those with caring responsibilities, but there is a long way to go. 

24-10-2019 - Mark Rice - 0 comments

We've discussed flexibility a lot recently, and it's certainly a hot topic. For employees with families, caring responsibilities, health issues, or for those who simply want a better work life balance, a flexible working arrangement can make all the difference. In the most extreme cases it means that people may be able to stay in employment when they otherwise wouldn't, while also improving staff retention, engagement and wellbeing. A permanent and formal flexible working arrangement is one way to achieve this, but it doesn't always have to get this far. 

21-09-2019 - Lauren Moseley - 0 comments

There have been many conversations recently about the importance of taking care of our mental health, particularly at work where workplace stress has become a prominent problem across the UK. Many discussions have taken place around offering greater flexibility and improving our work life balance, but this often aimed at women, who undoubtedly face many issues balancing their careers and family responsibilities. 

09-09-2019 - Mark Rice - 0 comments

One to one coaching has been around for a long time, and has helped many people to achieve their career goals and develop professionally, however it is only one part of the puzzle. In recent years more and more organisations have learnt to value the contribution that team coaching can make to a workplace. Recent research backs this up, with the 6th Ridler Report stating that 76% of organisations expect to increase their use of team coaching. 

05-09-2019 - Lauren Moseley - 0 comments

There are still far too many employers who fear external team coaching; and there really is no need. The very term causes panic as they fear it will lead to them empowering, and then losing their best staff, or maybe they're just scared of hearing a few home truths about their leadership. Whatever the reason, it is wholly unjustified as there are many, many reasons why team coaching is vital to organisations, large or small. We will cover these in a future post, but before you can even begin to consider offering team coaching to your staff, you first need to have a culture of true transparency. Without this, any team coaching will prove ultimately fruitless. 


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