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Coaching for performance

As a result of Covid-19, the world of work is changing. With many evaluating their relationship with work and working environment, flexible, or hybrid, working models gaining prominence.

Whether you're an employer, or in a strategic leadership role, the development of your people is essential. Identifying a simple coaching model and creating a coaching culture should be at the heart of your strategy.

Our coaching services are designed to improve leadership performance and that of your teams. By doing so will unite your leaders and teams towards a collective goal.

Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership is essential to success. It helps determine your direction, so that performance translates into results. Covid-19 has put leaders under greater pressure. In order to meet the challenge leaders need to re-evaluate performance in order to pivot and meet the demands they now face.

One of those challenges is how leaders engage with teams that are displaced and working remotely. Successful leadership strategy needs to ensure the needs of their teams is met, as is business out put and performance.

Using a combination of facilitation, coaching and training we work at group, team and individual level. Our team covers a broad variety of areas including but not limited to: effective organisational change; building and sustaining high performing teams; powerful influence, persuasion and decision making; soft skills for inspirational leaders; step change from managing to leading; managing risk, agility and resilience.

The Leader Hub will work with you to tailor our services your business needs.


Team Motivation & Performance

During periods of uncertainty in the workplace, employees begin to look beyond their current organisation in the hope to find something better. Covid-19 has heightened that and forced some to reconsider their relationship with work, where they do this and how they can balance their workload and spend more time with their family and friends.

At this time teams and their leaders are being especially challenged, with many working remotely. Some will prefer this and hope to extend this moving forward, others enjoy the social dynamic of the office or workspace. Fusing these individual requirements with your own business strategy can be challenging.

Team Motivation and Performance will look to rebalance your teams structure and help them to focus on the objectives of your business. Our coaching includes: improving communication; understanding the needs of your team(s); maintaining personal development; managing stress; team bonding for performance; developing a coaching strategy.

The composition of your team will vary between organisations, departments and job roles. Our experienced coaching team will work closely with your leaders and teams to understand the pressures each face and identify how to manage their own performance for the benefit of the team as a whole.

Recruiting to Retain

Developing a long-term recruitment strategy is vital to business growth. We know that a business with a coaching culture is more successful and retaining employees and attracting new hires. Our recruitment experts help you to develop a talent pipeline, encourage communication that will begin the process of identifying key hires many months in advance of their engagement and how to develop a coaching culture that supports staff retention.

Not only will this help you identify how recruits will fit into your existing business model but also ensure they're offering added value to your existing teams; and how you can best support their continued development. Did we also mention it reduces your recruitment costs?

Recruiting to Retain coaching support includes: developing a coaching culture; effective networking; understanding your team model; staff evaluations; working with recruiters; competency interviewing; identifying future leaders; first 90-day coaching; staff retention.

Our experienced recruitment associates will develop personalised recruitment strategies for your business and help to position you as an employer of choice.




Career & Performance Coaching

We know that employees are happiest when they are challenged, engaged and invested in their work. As you age and mature, so your personal goals and objectives change. Add to this constant changes in the workplace, or your own view of your workplace, and it's easy to feel as though you're treading water in your career.

Career and Performance Coaching will help you to understand your career to date, identify areas of development or support you to identify changes that will support your personal development and give you great job satisfaction. It helps you regain confidence, unlock your potential and how best to network the hidden job market into a better opportunity.

Our coaching supports includes: understanding your career; setting SMART goals; understanding the jobs market; effective networking; personal SWOT analysis; personal branding; career change; career action planning.

Whether you're starting out in your career, or looking to redefine your career story The Leader Hub's experienced coaches can help you identify your personal goals so that you can enjoy a greater work-life balance and a career you love.

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